Turner Piping & Refrigeration

Turner Piping & Refrigeration


Refrigeration already accounts for more than half of a Supermarkets expenses every month.
Refrigeration already accounts for more than half of a Supermarkets expenses every month. Here at Turner we pride on ourselves on High Quality Installations so that once installed the consumer no longer has to worry about how the equipment will run through its lifetime.

With a Team of Highly Trained and experienced techs and almost 90 years in the industry Turner Refrigeration will have your project finished on time and running at peak performance from Start-up.

We do everything from:
– New Construction and Remodels to Case line-up change-outs
– 24/7 Service
– Refrigerant Retro-Fits and Conversions
– We install Storewide Refrigerant leak detection systems
– EMS System installation and upgrades